RaspberryPi Door Locker

This is a english edition of RaspberryPiとサーボモーターで家のドアをiPhoneから開ける

I needed a system which unlock the door from remote.

2014-08-13 21.49.34

This is a instruction.


First, The regulator convert 6V to 5V and supply it to raspberry by USB. And 6V supplied to servomotor directly. signal line is connected servo motor to GPIO on raspberryPi. Also, RaspberryPi is online by LAN.



It is simple. just controlling the PWM.
But, I wanted to control it from my browser on iPhone. So, I made CWeb( Web framework for C lang ). By using it, It receives HTTP requests and decide to unlock and lock it. So, To unlock it, I just need a Browser. All source codes are on a github account. Easy to deploy. Just enter RaspbeeryPi and git pull. I have no static global IP, So I prepared dynamic DNS.


This servo motor can rotate 360 degree. It is possible that power supply is down. So This system never block unlock by a key. I figure out it. This photo shows my solution.2014-08-14 22.26.30 のコピー

270 degree rotations is required to the servo motor.
2014-08-14 22.26.30

I 3d printed parts. Of course  just fit.

2014-08-07 23.26.32
2014-08-07 23.27.13
2014-08-12 23.56.52